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Custom Made Products for your Reef Tank

Best Sellers

Best sellers

Coral grown under our diffuser


Your one-stop-shop for all things aquarium

At Smada Reef we take pride in getting your order to you as soon as possible and make sure all of our customers are happy. We make it all, whether you need a light diffuser for your new reef tank, or a frag rack to hold your beloved frags; you can find it here and for cheaper than any competitor. I am a college student who has grown up having fish tanks. I've gone from goldfish to cichlids, to puffer fish, and then a full-on reef tank. Keeping a saltwater fish tank is expensive so I thought I could cut down on cost by 3d Printing some parts for my reef tank. It worked great and started to sell locally and on eBay. After selling hundreds of light diffusers and frag racks, I have decided to make my own website to expand my business and bring my products to everyone. 

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